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Lead acid batteries

Industrial batteries come in many shapes and sizes. Almost every type of battery is appropriate for recycling. For this purpose, Van Peperzeel works together with acknowledged processors/ recyclists throughout Europe. The available expertise provides that every battery is recognized and can be processed at the right location accordingly. Consequently, the environmental benefits are maximized.

Van Peperzeel is closely connected to several smelters, and as such forms the last logistal link before the material becomes recycled. You can be sure that your old batteries are in safe hands!

Orange list

At the moment, all industrial batteries fall under the orange list procedure of the EU regulation 1013/2006. This procedure has been revised in Brussels. The revision applies to the sharpening up of the procedure, so that no open passage of these kind of waste materials is allowed anymore. Only with the permission of all involving countries, transportation is allowed. For many years Van Peperzeel has the required permits to safely and legally transport industrial batteries (which also applies to the new situation) throughout Europe.

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