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Van Peperzeel model

For years, Van Peperzeel has been working according to a firm concept, the so-called Van Peperzeel model. This model is simple but effective.

  • Collection boxes for industrial batteries are available for sale or rent.
  • Report a pick-up of your residues by means of phone, fax or website.
  • Collecting and replacing occurs within ten days after reporting.
  • A complete logistically and administratively transaction.

The Van Peperzeel model has been designed in order to meet the market demand and also because of years of experience with collecting and knowledge in materials. The model is put into practice when materials are collected, sorted and processed and also serves as a basis for the developing of new collecting systems in a variety of EU countries.

The model also provides for a reliable, flexible and safe collecting of residues. Every company or organization (garage, industry, producers, dc’s, importers, public deposits and schools) which has, more or less, a surplus of recyclable residues, can participate.

Van Peperzeel places a collection box and guarantees that it will be collected and replaced by another box again within ten days after reporting. Van Peperzeel also takes care of transport, storage, sorting and removal to acknowledged processors. We also take care of the administrative transaction.

Naturally, all processes within the models are carefully planned and Van Peperzeel has the required permits and certifications to guarantee safe management and implementation.

We are ISO 9001 & 14001 certified and are member of the EBRA & the MRF. Van Peperzeel provides a reliable, flexible and safe collection of your waste products. Also your company can benefit from this. We gladly take all (environmental) care out of your hands.

ISO 14001
MRF keurmerk
ISO 9001

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