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More and more products run on consumer batteries nowadays. From keyboards to children’s toys. Daily, hundreds of different brands and types of consumer batteries throughout the world reach our country and after a while they are thrown away, turned in or disposed by producers. Luckily, all consumer batteries are recyclable nowadays which makes recycling possible.

The Battery foundation (Stibat) has been founded to help producers and importers carry out their obligation to collect and process used consumer batteries. Van Peperzeel takes care of Stibat’s collecting, sorting and processing of all consumer batteries throughout the Netherlands. Annually, more than 3.000 tons of consumer batteries are sorted with the help of specially designed machines. This means over 500.000 batteries are sorted every day.  

Orange list

At the moment, all consumer batteries fall under the orange list procedure of the EU regulation 1013/2006. This procedure has been revised at Brussels. The revision applies to the sharpening up of the procedure, so that no open passage of this kind of residues is allowed anymore. Only with the permission of all involving (transporting) countries, transportation is allowed. For many years Van Peperzeel has the required permits to safely and legally transport consumer batteries throughout Europe. 

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