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Van Peperzeel is market leader in the field of collecting, sorting, estimating and transportation of batteries and lead acid batteries. Its years of experience and expertise in the control and durable processing of these hard-to-manage material streams also applies to non ferrous metals and non ferrous residues. Van Peperzeel ensures a safe transport, storage and a sound recycling throughout Europe.

According to the public Organization Agentschap NL ( associated to the ministry of Vrom ), the entire market is, on an annual basis, about forty four thousand tons of lead acid batteries. Van Peperzeel takes care of the most of them. Sophisticated logistics ensures that lead acid battery boxes will be picked up at car companies and wholesalers. Collection boxes (in which residues can be deposited) are available, free of charge. By means of a phone call, fax or click on the website, the department of planning will be alerted to pick up a box. A fully loaded box weighs about nine hundred kilos, that is equivalent to about sixty lead acid batteries. None ferrous metals as license plates, radiators and catalysts will be collected together with your old lead acid batteries when they both weigh more than two hundred kilos.

Not only the collecting of lead acid batteries, but also the administration and transport to the processing countries ( Germany, Belgium, France ) is part of our service. In addition to this, Van Peperzeel also buys your old metals / refuse. Primary raw materials as aluminum, lead and zinc are scarce. Because of the fact that there‚Äôs a run on secondary raw materials, fees have been increasing the past couple of years. This increase makes it financially more attractive to collect  these materials separately and process them. That is why Van Peperzeel offers an attractive fee for your refuse.

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